Hunting Access and Benefits


Certified Montana Master Hunters will have the opportunity to make on-line reservations to hunt various MHAP partner properties through Landowners will have the opportunity to tailor their profile to meet the specific needs and requirements for their ranch. See below for reservation details.

To view an example property listing go to and “click” on the elk photo, then “click” on the Find your Spot button.  You will see the Triple Divide Ranch –Montana Hunter Advancement Program – Example.  Here, you will be able to view the site functionality including, ranch location, photos of the property, a calendar which shows available hunting dates and which will enable you to make reservations, description of the property, game types, property rules, reviews written by individuals who have hunted the property and a Google map showing the location of the property.  In addition to these elements there will be other pages where prospective hunters will list personal information such as vehicle make, year, license number, etc. so the landowner will be able to identify who is accessing the property, etc.  Please keep in mind that this is a working example.  If you have suggestions or comments, please let us know via the contact page on the Master Hunter website.


Hunters would find more opportunity to hunt on private land if landowners knew they would be courteous, competent, effective, and ethical hunters who respected the property and the landowner. Designed from the perspective of landowners, this course presents an opportunity for hunters to learn about agriculture and issues landowners face and to improve their hunting skills.
— Scott Hibbard, Sieben Livestock Company & Common Ground Member