2019 Montana Hunter Advancement Program

Curriculum Assignments, Resources and Requirements

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Master Schedule (Revised 4/7/2019)

Combined Schedule Worksheet (Revised 4/7/2019) 
for Missoula, Bozeman and Billings Locations 2019

Attendance Policy **PLEASE REVIEW**

Rendezvous Location for Missoula Class – MPG Ranch

Rendezvous Location for Bozeman and Billings Classes – Base Camp (managed by AMB West), Paradise Valley, MT


All students are required to complete the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Online Hunter-Landowner Stewardship course and obtain the certificate of completion prior to the Landowner Panel scheduled for Missoula on 3/23/19, Bozeman on 4/13/19 and Billings on 5/18/19.  Click on the link below to go to the FWP website to complete the program. Once completed, please forward a copy of the certificate to Dani Clark, the program manager (danic@onemontana.org).

The 2019 course reading and viewing resource materials are listed below by date and title.

  • Click the titles below to view the documents and videos related to the class presentation and discussions,

Cooperating Ranch Properties Updates and Reports

Shooting/Ballistics Resources

The following resources are provided to supplement the individual instruction which will be provided for our students at all class locations by 406 Precision.

Course Resources for each class:

Hunting  Ethics

History of Wildlife Conservation in the United States

Dr. Josh Millspaugh’s Presentation Files (Missoula course):

  1. Role of Hunting in Wildlife Management

  2. History of Wildlife Conservation

Whitney Tilt’s presentation and Conservation History Resources (Bozeman and Billings courses):

Landowner Panel

View Farming and Ranching Landowner Panel Outline Here

Please review the following resources before the landowner panels:

Wildlife Management-Elk

Wildlife Management-Deer

Wildlife Diseases

Game Laws and Enforcement

  1. Jeff Darrah presentation: “Montana Wildlife Law Enforcement

Problem Solving-Ballistics

onX Maps, GPS and In-Reach Instruction and Demonstration

onX Class Outline for 2019 Classes

View Class Power Point Slides here

For Viewing the To Do List Before the GPS/onX Maps Class Click here

  1. Sample Garmin PDF of a GPS Montana 600

  2. Garmin Base Camp Introduction

  3. Garmin Base Camp – Sharing Information With Your Device

  4. Garmin Base Camp – Tracks

  5. Garmin Base Camp-Routes

  6. Enable Saving Tracks on a Garmin Montana 600

  7. Managing Tracks on a Garmin Rino GPS

  8. Marking and Saving Waypoints

  9. Garmin Rino Compass

  10. Garmin Rino Radio Page

  11. Garmin Rino Menu Function

Hunt planning, research, strategies and resources

Access to public, state and private lands

Jason Kool, FWP Landowner Sportsmen Relations Manager

Ryan Weiss, DNRC Access Coordinator

Missoula Rendezvous Weekend- Saturday & Sunday, June 8 & 9, 2019

This event will be scheduled for the MPG Ranch, Lolo, MT & RMEF Boardroom

  • Final Written Examination

  • Rifle Skills and Range Exercise

  • Instructors will be Jordan Harmon and Jason George, 406 Precision

  • GPS Instruction and Field Course (Rotated with Range Qualification)

  • Bear Awareness/Bear Spray Practice/Demonstration

  • Gear Exhibits and Demonstrations (On Site) Saturday and Sunday

Danielle Oyler, Southwest Montana Bear Education Working Group