Application Process:

Interested applicants must complete an application online that is screened for each applicants’ ability to meet the basic qualifications.  A selection committee reviews all applications. The cost of the program in 2019 is $200 per participant and need-based scholarships are available upon request. Each class is limited to 30 hunters. Course fees only partially offset the costs associated with the program—the full course is valued at $2,600/person.

Eligibility for hunters who would like to enroll in the Montana Master Hunter program include:

  • No violations of FWP or state trespassing laws;

  • Verification of having a big game license in Montana for the last five years;

  • Must be a Montana resident

We have rigorous program requirements and policies. Please read the requirements carefully.



This page will be updated with 2020 Application information in December 2019

If you have been accepted in to the Master Hunter Program, you will be provided with access to the course materials and other resources.



What our Graduates are saying!


Last night, I left Jack Creek with a full heart. I wanted to thank and commend One Montana for organizing such a positive experience and wonderful course. Everyone you recruited, from the presenters to the participants, was exceptional. Their commitment to the program speaks volumes to the vision you have created for the state’s sportsmen and landowning communities, and to your leadership. I am very proud to have taken part and so look forward to helping promote the program in any way I am able!
— Gusty Clarke, MHAP 2018 Graduate