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One Montana is a nonprofit based in Bozeman, Montana that seeks to ensure a sustainable and resilient Montana by identifying and resolving challenging social, economic and environmental issues that impact our state's diverse communities. We work to strengthen and unify our communities by preserving the values and culture of rural and urban Montana. One Montana is governed by a dedicated, diverse and committed Board of Directors.



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Common Ground


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Master Hunter Program


Common Ground


(Our History)

In 2010, One Montana established Common Ground, a partnership of Montana landowners, sportsmen, agencies and nonprofits working together to solve difficult issues concerning access and land stewardship in Montana. The group’s mission is to find win/win solutions benefiting landowners, sportsmen, and wildlife.

In addition to creatively addressing access and stewardship, Common Ground is also tackling hunter behavior in Montana. Hunting is a privilege and not a right.  It is an important part of our heritage and culture.  The state of Montana uses hunting as the primary management tool for elk and other wildlife.  As more land is closed to hunting, the state's ability to effectively manage wildlife populations is significantly decreased.  Declining access is a multi-faceted issue, but at least part of the negative trend can be attributed to a handful of less competent and unethical hunters.  Bad hunter behavior makes it easier for landowners to close their gates to the public for hunting, and as an example, it is commonly cited as a primary reason for landowners who are pulling their property out of block management. 

To address these issues, in 2018 the Common Ground program launched and implemented the Montana Master Hunter Program (MHAP) to put more ethical, educated, and effective hunters in the field. The Common Ground partnership acts as the advisory group for the MHAP and is continuing to developing creative solutions to address additional wildlife, sportsmen, landowner challenges.

Common Ground


Matt Bitz
Jay Bodner, Montana Stockgrowers Association
Gusty Clarke, Montana Land Reliance
Tim Crawford, Pheasant Farms
Jerry Davis, Montana Bowhunters Association
Nick Gevock, Montana Wildlife Federation
Jeff Hagener, Montana Outdoor Legacy Foundation
Gordon Haugen, Retired, Wildlife and Fisheries Management
Blake Henning, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
Scott Hibbard, Rancher, Sieben Livestock Company
Mitch King, Montana Outdoor Legacy Foundation
Tryg Koch, Montana Grain Growers
Quentin Kujala, Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks
Mark Lambrecht, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
Greg Matthews
Brian Ohs,Montana Stockgrowers Association
Jim Peterson, Rancher, Stone Ranch Montana Wagyu
Vito Quatraro, Keller Williams Montana Realty
Bruce Rich, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
Candace Weeda, Western Landowners Alliance
Hank Worsech, Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks

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