The Montana Hunter Advancement Program will develop a network of highly skilled, ethical, safe hunters that will serve as an example to others and help establish positive relationships with private landowners. RMEF is proud to support this innovative program.
— Blake Henning, Chief Conservation Officer Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
Last night, I left Jack Creek with a full heart. I wanted to thank and commend One Montana for organizing such a positive experience and wonderful course. Everyone you recruited, from the presenters to the participants, was exceptional. Their commitment to the program speaks volumes to the vision you have created for the state’s sportsmen and landowning communities, and to your leadership. I am very proud to have taken part and so look forward to helping promote the program in any way I am able!
— Gusty Clarke, MHAP 2018 Graduate
This landowner led program provides another tool for farmers and ranchers to use when interacting with hunters. It is an innovative approach to build cooperation between landowners and sportsmen while also providing better wildlife management opportunities.
— Jay Bodner, Executive Director, Montana Stockgrowers Association
The Boone and Crockett Club’s vision is that hunting is crucial to successful wildlife conservation and an ethical, fair chase approach is fundamental to all hunting. The Club is proud to support the Montana Hunter Advancement Program because when it comes to the privilege of accessing private land there is no greater calling card than fair chase and responsible land stewardship. And as an instructor covering hunter ethics and fair chase, I was most impressed with the level of engagement from the class, the thoughtful questions, and the diversity in age, interests, years as a hunter, and what hunting meant to each individual. This program is a home run.
— Keith Balfourd, Director of Marketing Boone and Crockett Club
Though most hunters in Montana are good stewards and responsible hunters, concern over ethics is something we hear every year from both landowners and hunters alike. The Montana Hunter Advancement Program is an innovative solution to improve hunter ethics, while also creatively looking at new access opportunities.
— Martha Williams, Director of Fish, Wildlife and Parks
SITKA Gear is proud to support One Montana’s mission to offer advanced hunters education programs. Continual education is crucial to ensuring our way of life as outdoorsmen and women.
Backcountry Hunters & Anglers is proud to support the Montana Hunter Advancement Program. To support Montana sportsmen and women – and address ongoing challenges to hunter access – we need to seek innovative solutions. By building partnerships with private landowners and elevating the importance of responsible, ethical practices afield, we can work to ensure the future of our great Montana outdoor traditions.
— John Sullivan, Chairman of the Montana Chapter of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers